Immigration Law Practice

Chandler Law Firm’s immigration law practice concentrates on business-related and family immigration matters. These matters typically involve representing clients in the process of obtaining permanent residency or “green cards” and various types of nonimmigrant visas. Firm personnel are familiar with law and regulations relating to both immigrant (persons moving permanently to the United States) and nonimmigrant (persons coming temporarily to the United States) procedures. The process of becoming a lawful permanent resident (“green card holder”) may require getting a labor certification using the relatively new PERM process. Many groups, however, are exempt from labor certification, including investors, persons of extraordinary ability, outstanding professors and researchers and multi-national executives and managers. Work authorization and travel permission are important to our clients, and we assist with securing those benefits for our clients pursuing permanent residency.

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Business and Family Immigration Law Practice

There are nearly as many nonimmigrant visas as there are letters in the alphabet. We have worked successfully with almost all of them, including B visitors, F, M, and J students and exchange visitors, H-1Bs, H-2Bs, H-3s, K fiancés, L intra-company transferees, O persons of extraordinary ability, P performers, R religious workers and Q cultural visas. We are also called upon for assistance with TNs, as provided for by the North American Trade Agreement.

Family-related immigration issues, involving non-U.S. citizens brought into a family unit, as in a marriage or an adoption, are also handled by our firm, as is naturalization. We see many clients from the time they enter as visitors until, years later, they are sworn-in as naturalized United States citizens.

The firm has worked with persons and employees from all over the world, thereby developing expertise and knowledge specific to persons from certain countries, including Canadians and Mexicans, who may be eligible for “TN” status pursuant to the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Whether a client is overseas and considering alternative methods of coming to the United States for the first time or has lived as a lawful permanent resident in the United States for years and is considering the possibility of naturalization, Chandler Law Firm, LLC can help. We enjoy the process of getting to know our clients, developing an immigration plan for them and then working to ensure that the plan becomes a reality.

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