Laws and Legislation

Time for Change

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Immigration has created serious problems for the United States but not for the reasons that most Americans identify: not because huge numbers of undocumented folks are invading our country and stealing jobs, not because they are abusing our welfare system, not because they don’t pay taxes and not because they commit crimes with abandon. Study after study confirms that the vast majority of “illegal immigrants” lay low. They pay taxes, don’t request government benefits and work hard, usually at jobs that American workers refuse to do. The serious problems created by immigration relate to restrictions that now burden our immigration system, causing many...

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Immigrants, Welfare and Taxes

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These are tough economic times, and tax season makes it even harder. Vitriolic talk and finger-pointing at alleged sources of our economic distress abound. Immigrants are a common target. “They,” say anti-immigration advocates, “have invaded our country, don’t pay taxes and collect welfare.” Is there any truth to such bold, inflammatory statements? Of course there is some truth, but so is there “some truth” in the scandal sheets that pass as news magazines. There will always be people who abuse the system – both American citizens and otherwise. But let me put the facts into perspective – albeit my own perspective – but colored by twenty-five years...

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Immigration Law Affects Everyone

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There is a widely-held perception that only undocumented folks are affected by United States immigration law. I recently contacted an attorney friend about a personal injury legal matter involving my family. In an effort to support my immigration practice, she enthusiastically offered to refer potential clients to me, because, she said, “Even illegals get hurt.” I chose not to launch into a lecture about most of my clients being legally in the United States, but her comment continues to trouble me. This is why. There is a huge, intricate body of immigration law and regulations developed to control the movement of people into, and out of, the United States. These laws...

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Young People Need a Dream

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I met Juan at a fast food restaurant. Impressed with his friendliness and quick service, I introduced myself. We became familiar as I continued to patronize the restaurant; and Juan agreed, one day, to sit down to tell me his story. Juan is twenty-five years old and undocumented. He came to Colorado from Mexico in 1998 with his parents and two brothers. Juan’s parents were anxious to get their children out of Mexico, where the drug trade was becoming increasingly obvious in their daily lives. Juan is now working full-time at the fast food restaurant and, on weekends, volunteers as a youth minister. He hopes, someday, to go to college and to do missionary work with...

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